What To Do When An Emergency Vehicle Is Approaching

What To Do When An Emergency Vehicle Is Approaching - Advert - APG
  • Stay Put At Traffic Lights & Avoid Bus/Cycle Lanes

If you are the first in the queue at a set of traffic lights, do not break the law and move past the light. Wait where you are and allow the ambulance to work its way through!

Try to also avoid pulling into a bus/cycle lane as emergency vehicles will look to use this lane if it is free.

  • Be Aware At Roundabouts/Junctions

If you are approaching a roundabout, take note of the ambulances position so to get an idea of where it wants to go.

If you are already at the junction, stay put and wait for it to come past.

  • Do Not Stop On Roads With A Solid White Line System

Ambulances will most likely switch off its siren on a road with a solid white line system as overtaking is not allowed. Do not stop – keep going at the speed limit as long as it is safe to do so.

Once you are past the solid white lines and you hear the siren again, that will be your cue to let the ambulance go past.

  • Make Way On The Motorway

On motorways or dual carriageways, make sure to move to the left to allow an ambulance to pass in the outside lane – do not stop in the right-hand lane!

Make sure to stay where you are once an emergency vehicle has gone through as other vehicles may be behind.

On smart motorways make sure to stay out of the red X lanes as emergency vehicles will use these.

Remember to stay safe on the roads and remain calm!