What To Do After An Incident

What To Do After An Incident - Advert - APG

Following an incident, it is important that you make sure that you and the injured individual are not in any danger. Once the situation is safe, it is important that you conduct the following:

A: Airway

Check if the person is responsive by asking them loudly if they’re ok and if they can open their eyes.

If they respond, leave them in the position they’re in and monitor their breathing, pulse and level of response until help arrives.

If they don’t respond, open their airway by tilting their head back and lifting their chin up with your hand and fingers.

B: Breathing

To check for breathing, look, listen and feel for chest movement, breathing sounds and breath against your cheek.

If breathing normally, put them in the recovery position and monitor their breathing.

If not breathing or breathing irregularly, call 999 and start CPR.

C: Circulation

Start chest compressions immediately if the person isn’t breathing normally.

Don’t confuse agonal breathing (irregular gasps) with normal breathing and give CPR right away.

Call 999 and continue CPR until help arrives.

Please note this advice is not to be used as a replacement for taking a first aid training course!

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