How To Live A More Sustainable Life

Top Tips Tuesday: How To Live A More Sustainable Life - Advert - APG

Living a more sustainable life is important because it helps to reduce our impact on the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations! 

Check out our top tips below!

  • Go Plastic Free!

Going plastic-free has many benefits such as being better for your health, allowing for conscious consuming, giving back to the environment and reducing landfill waste. To go plastic-free, you can replace plastic products with reusable or eco-friendly alternatives such as water bottles, containers, bags, lids, or paper. You can also reduce plastic waste by buying food in bulk, cooking from scratch, and choosing fresh or local produce that is not packaged in plastic. 

  • Rent Share Or Borrow Items

By renting, sharing, or borrowing items instead of buying them you can help the environment in several ways such as decreasing the need for new products, reducing waste, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and saving you money in the long run.

  • Reduce Meat Consumption!

By reducing your meat consumption, you can help the environment in several ways such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of animals that need to be raised for food, reducing deforestation by decreasing the demand for land used for animal feed, decreasing soil degradation by reducing the amount of land used for animal grazing and increasing biodiversity by reducing the amount of land used for animal grazing. 

  • Grow Your Own Vegetables!

By growing your own vegetables you can help the environment by reducing carbon emissions and pesticide and fertilizer use. You can also foster a connection with nature and provde great learning opportunities and better nutrition! Growing your own vegetables is also a great hobby to take up if you are looking for something new to learn!

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