The system of rules, practices and processes that Alliance Pioneer Group follow, what makes our service maintain quality, and how we operate at the highest level possible. 



APG’s attention to patient care and clinical detail makes our services the very best.

Complete transparency and duty of candour mean all our staff maintain high standards of clinical competence treating all patients with the dignity and respect they deserve delivering the very highest standards of clinical care reflecting contemporary best evidence and national guidance.

Our staff are highly motivated and are trained to the nationally recognised qualifications. Where appropriate, they hold appropriate professional registration with an appropriate professional body.

“The team that cared for my mother were truly amazing. They were patient, gentle and kind and made what we expected to be a truly awful experience one that we are thankful for.”

Governance Procedures

APG prides itself on having stringent and robust governance arrangements seeing these as the cornerstone for the delivery of first class clinical and social care.

Our strong audit and feedback processes supports our organisation and staff towards enhanced care delivery.

All staff members undergo regular clinical performance reviews and appraisal processes and are offered opportunities to further develop and enhance core skills.

This ensures our staff continually meet and exceed the required standard for all our operation obligations, both to patients and stakeholders.

Key Performance Indicators

APG operate to the highest possible key performance indicators standards often exceeding many NHS Ambulance Trusts’ minimum requirements:

Our KPI’s are reviewed and set annually to reflect the direction of contemporary UK Emergency & Urgent services with the aims of:

+ Exceeding outcome expectations and to outperform our competitors.

+ Continually improve against historical performance via detailed review and audit of performance, outcomes and care quality.

+ Bring an increased performance to all areas of our clinical care.


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