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The Alliance-Pioneer Group provide professional security services with Manned Guards, Door Supervisors, Mobile and Static Dog Patrols and Detection Dog Handler teams. We will ensure that your asset or event is professionally protected and your requirements are fully met to the highest level of service and satisfaction.

We strive to give our customers an unrivaled security service for business and private needs. Our clients have come to expect excellent customer service at a competitive price which we duly deliver.
All of our staff and dog handlers undergo regular professional training and are licensed.
We are able to provide specialist security for many types of events, festivals, temporary building sites, exposed area sites, nightclubs, stadiums and other public venues or mass gathering events. 
Our staff are self-disciplined, self-motivated and fully uniformed at all times. 
We are happy to support you in conducting Security Risk Assessments – Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. 

Event Security Services
Static Guard Service

We have many years of Event Security service provision which has been designed to take all elements of your event in mind including customer service, the image of your event, health and safety compliance and Licensing Authority approval. 

All our security operatives are trained to industry standards and hold SIA licences.

Dog Handler Service

Event Stewarding

In today’s climate of heightened risk events can  face a huge number of significant security concerns, ranging from terrorist attacks and theft, to illegal intrusions, disorder and vandalism.

The presence of Security dog patrols offer huge advantages. in enhancing the protection and safety of any event or asset.

A dog’s sense of smell is up to one million times better than man’s, and its agility, strength and hearing are highly proficient.

Trained security dogs can provide one of the very best forms of security within the industry.

Our highly trained dogs & experienced  handlers have the skills,  confidence and expertise to deal with any situation that may arise on patrol, and can search and cover large areas and detect possible intruders.

Our dog teams specialise in the detection of firearms, explosives and drugs.

Well trained and professional stewards are often the cornerstone of any mass gathering or event.

Our stewarding staff are highly dedicated, vigilante and focused towards delivering superior customer safety and experience.

They all hold NVQ Spectator Safety and can competently provide the following services:

  • Turnstile / Ticket check / Ticket Sales (on-site)
  • Que Management / Directional Stewarding
  • Barrier control
  • Traffic Management
  • Safety Stewarding
  • Lost Property Management
  • Lost Children Support (to safeguarding standards)

Having highly trained, experienced and conscientious stewards at your event makes all the difference.

We are happy to discuss what options would best suit your event and can tailor our staff to meet many varying demands your event may generate.

For advice, help or support in finding the right security or stewarding solution for you, please call our helpful & friendly team on (0845) 539 5309 or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you.

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