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APG has a proven track history of providing expert and reliable Medical, Security & Stewarding services to the Events & Entertainment Industry across the UK. 

All our staff are trained to the highest industry standards and are respected and experienced providers of specialist festival medical, security and stewarding services.

Our teams significantly reduce the impact that large events can have on host communities. We keep your customers and staff safe, protecting your brand & making your event memorable for all the right reasons.

Event Medical Services

The number of people requiring medical treatment at an event will vary considerably with the activities being undertaken, along with the environmental conditions surrounding the event.

Even at small, low-risk events, there is the possibility of collapses or other medical emergencies.

We get that all our clients will have different requirements needing different levels of cover (perhaps from a single first responder to full medical team with onsite medical treatment centre, pharmacy and emergency ambulances).

APG will work closely with you to find you the correct staff that you’re looking for in the right location and at the best possible rates

Our typical services include:

  • Movie & TV Productions
  • Indoor & Outdoor Concerts
  • Official Horse Racing Events (meeting ALL BHAGI regulations)
  • Marathon / race events
  • Outdoor Obstacle / Assault course events
  • Equestrian events (Point to Point / Horse Shows)
  • Fetes, Festivals, Carnivals
  • Sporting & Extreme Sporting Events (Speedway / Motorsports)
  • School sports days
  • All Public events / Mass gatherings / Festivals
  • Large scale Music Festivals

Security & Stewarding Services

Having reliable and conscientious security staff at your event can make all the difference and given today’s heightened state of risk, there has never been a more important time to get security solutions right!

We are conscious that security and stewarding staff are often the first point of contact with your clients and customers. APG strive to ensure that all our staff deliver a friendly and customer focused service.

APG will work with you to ensure you have the right number of staff in the right places to ensure your event is safe!

All our security staff are highly trained and professional and many have undertaken additional training to allow them to respond as medical first responders.

Our range of services include:

  • SIA Security Dog Handlers
  • SIA Licensed Door Supervisors
  • SIA Security Guarding
  • Search Teams
  • Security High Risk Response Teams
  • Front of Stage Pit Teams
  • VIP & Backstage Security
  • Contract Key Holding and Response

Specialist Festival Medical Centre Provision

‘Event Medicine’ is the fastest emerging Emergency Medical specialism due to the unique and often unpredictable & varied challenges these settings present.

Alliance Pioneer are respected partners for a large number of high profile Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events.

These events are frequently associated with recreational drug use and a large number of high profile incidents (including deaths) have recently occurred at music festivals across the UK.

Our expert medical teams have undertaken additional training and education in the management of acute drug induced emergencies and adapted our on-site medical centres to be better equipped to manage the typical emergencies encountered, especially those associated with death and other poor outcomes (such as malignant hyperthermia, cardiac rhythm disturbance, and drug induced psychosis / disturbance of behaviour).

We have a proven track record of managing such emergencies on-site, thereby reducing local hospital admissions and recognising early those that genuinely need more urgent, expert hospital care.

Our on-site welfare services complement this by having a strong focus on substance misuse and staff have been trained in providing harm reduction interventions, therefore enhancing the on-going safety and experience of your event attendees.

Stewarding Services

Fire Safety Services

Well trained and professional stewards are often the cornerstone of any mass gathering or event.

Our stewarding staff are highly dedicated, vigilante and focused towards delivering superior customer safety.

The majority hold NVQ Spectator Safety and can competently provide the following services:

  • Turnstile / Ticket check / Ticket Sales
  • Que Management / Directional Stewarding
  • Barrier control
  • Traffic Management
  • Safety Stewarding
  • Lost Property Management
  • Lost Children Support (to safeguarding standards)

Our Fire teams play an integral role focusing on safety and operational resilience with the overarching aim of protecting people, your brand and customer experience at any event, small or large.

Our highly trained staff seek to continuously ensure that we are capable of meeting any on-going regulatory requirements for providing fire safety and protection.

Services provided include:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • On-site Fire Marshaling
  • On-going Event Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Fire Response Team


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